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LRM Double Chip Off 'Ol Rock

"Bam Bam"


Echocardiogram and Cardiac OFA-Normal

Quote from Kate Meurs:  "This dogs heart is excellent!"

Pebbles and Bam Bam

Bam Bam finishing his Canadian Championship 2007


12 months 3 days old

Reserve Winners Dog at Oregon Boxer Club Specialty!


What do you name a puppy who has a sister named "Pebbles?"

This is Bam Bam...

He is such a sweet dog.  He is so much like his Grandfather

"Rocky"...attitude to burn.  He has big foot steps to follow in

and we can't wait to start that journey. 

He was whelped on January 12, 2005. 

Check out his littermates Pebbles and from a repeat

breeding, Lily and Justin.

Bam Bam has started his winning ways.  He was 5th in his

large class at the ABC in 2006.  He then went on

to Regionals where he was Winners dog one day and

Reserve winners dog 2 days out of 5 days shown!

He finished his AKC Championship in May 2007 and

His Canadian Championship in October 2007 and his

first time out as a special....a Group 4!!!

He is a blast to show!

Bam Bam, Pebbles (20 months), Lily and Justin (7 months)

siblings from a repeat breeding.