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To our Fun Page!




            Our kids on guard!


                                                                    Abby relaxing at the dog show.



                                                         Sera in a costume class with her friend Alisha Mitten.
                                           Sera is a poodle and Alisha is in a poodle skirt.


                                                           The only way to go to the dog show :)
                      Griffey on the back of the couch, Nikki on the left and Sera on the right.


                                                                              Griffey in the yard.


                                                                      Linda with Sera & Gizmo


                                                                           Kevin & Brooks


                                                                       Sugar, Tera & Brooks]


                                                                    Having some fun at the beach


                                                              Brooks relaxing at the beach.


                                                      Hey I want some PIZZA! Ya'll have to share!


            I think we need a bigger basket!!!

Walter and friend..owned by Sigrid Hall

Walter and his Dad....Boxers can swim!

Race you to the finish!  With Nemo!!!

Brooks on a cold morning.....owned by Kris Bentz


I think we need a bigger sofa!

Sera, Griffey, Abbey & Austin....just a nap.


Nothing cuter than a Santa puppy!

Bella at 5 months!  How cute is this?