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Christmas Memories 2004

All of us had a Great time

spending Christmas together at 

Mike and Darlene's home.

Here are our family photos!


Isabella and Becky



Kevin and Linda

Kraig and Kathie

Kathie and Kraig

The Nichols Family

Mr. Jess Nichols

Kraig, Kathie, Tosha, Josh and Jess


Tosha and Josh

Tyler, Addie and Reese

The Merrill Family

Reese, the newest addition to the Merrill's

The Merrill Family


4 Generations of Merrill's

Mom, Mike, Tyler and Reese

The Brothers and Reese

Tory, Tyler and Reese


Reese.....chubby cheeks and tasty fingers!

Alan, Brenda, Becky, Alan Jr, and Isabella

The Merrill Family

Alan and Brenda

Hey!  Tory!!!

Too much shine for my camera!

Tory, Alan and Tyler


Hey Santa....Oh, that's Kevin!

Since when did Mike get as tall as the boys?

Since he is being held 4" off the ground!

Alan, Jr.....aka Bubba



Brenda and Bubba

Mike and Darlene

Darlene and Mike

Tosha....looking good!  About ready to POP!

Bubba....Mr Photogenic

Mike, kicking back

Becky opening her presents with Mom

Bubba opening presents with Mom

Bella with her new CD player

Well, that is it for 2004...

.are you glad by batteries went dead???