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     LRM Cosmic Rendevouz




18 months old


8 years old in the Pacific Ocean with his blue ball!


Brooks is a big, stag red fawn dog.  He was our brightest star

and took a 4th at the ABC National Futurity in 2001. 

His wonderful, gentle nature made him perfect to become

a therapy dog.  He flew to shows in California onboard

with me.  He was a perfect gentleman, laying his head

on the carpet of the plane throughout the flight.

As time passed, it became obvious that he was meant

for other things.  Then the turning point in his life happened. 

He met Kris.  Kris came to our home searching for a new

puppy to share her home with.  Brooks immediately fell in love. 

He shunned me and took his ball continually to Kris. 

I just watched and then I knew.  They always say your dog will

pick you out....and that is what Brooks did.  He picked Kris.

Brooks and Kris now live happily in Oregon with his

niece Britney (LRM I'm Not That Innocent) and

a kitty called Daze.  Kris has now become my

dear friend... we have a children in common.


Brooks 9 years old and his best buddy, Britney 14 months old


And the story goes on....


Kris Bentz....owned by Brooks